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What's Ada? What's a Compiler?

ICC Ada 83/95/2005:
High performance and reliability, with ease-of-use

ICC Ada provides the
best of both worlds
by building Ada tools on top of
Embedded C Tools
(Emulators, Debuggers, Simulators and O/S)

Fast, optimizing Ada compiler producing compact, efficient, reliable code

Non-intrusive graphical debugger

Automated build tools

Performance-enhancing programming support tools

Easy interfaces to C and assembly

No runtime royalty fees

Supported by ICC, an experienced Ada supplier


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Linux on x86

Sun SPARC Solaris

HP 9000/700 HP/UX



Native self-target

Texas Instruments DSP C62xx/C64xx/C67xx

PowerPC 5xx, 6xx, 7xx series

Intel i960 XA, KB, MC, MM series

Intel i960 MX

Analog Devices ADSP-210x0 SHARC DSP

Special processors per customer requirement

Licensing / Evaluation Copies

For licensing information, or to request a free evaluation copy, please contact us.

Customer Support Services

ICC support services range from standard maintenance to custom releases and quick-turnaround updates. ICC excels at assisting customers in developing application-specific optimizations and customizations to achieve project success.

Other support services include:

  • Assistance with conversion of legacy code for transition from other Ada compilers
  • Assistance with Ada technical issues
  • Customizing the runtime system to support FAA certification
  • Target Kit implementation to support a custom board with the Symbolic Debugger
  • Quick and timely problem resolution with a special release if required
  • Customer-specific issues

See more details on language implementation and technologies. Also, see our Ada 95 validation announcement, Ada 83 validation reports.

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