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Language Mode
Ada 2005

Page Formatting Options:
Strip all source comments
Pad '..' on both sides with spaces.
Pad ()s around aggregates with spaces.
Align the parameter modes.

Comment Column
Context Column
Page Width

Indentation Options:
Default Indentation
Change indentation for IF statements.
Change indentation for FOR loops.
Change indentation for LOOP blocks.
Change indentation for PRAGMA statements.
Change indentation for WHILE loops.

Alphabetic Casing Options
Declarations: UNToucHed lower Initial Capped UPPER
Keywords: UNToucHed lower Initial Capped UPPER
Object Case: UNToucHed lower Initial Capped UPPER
Unit declarations: UNToucHed lower Initial Capped UPPER

Format Options:
Simple aggregate lists single paragraph
Keywords: single paragraph multi

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